Frequently Asked Questions

HK$1000. Otherwise the standard charge of $115 applies.

Yes! This service is free on Wednesdays once the minimum order quantity of HK$1000 has been reached.

Yes! This service is free on Wednesdays once the minimum order quantity of HK$1000 has been reached. Otherwise the standard charge of $115 applies.

Absolutely! If we receive your order by 2pm on a week day, we can deliver tomorrow. Sai Kung deliveries are made on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Orders received by 3pm Friday will be delivered Monday, otherwise orders received after this and over the weekend will be processed Monday, for delivery Tuesday.

No we can't. Unfortunately we outsource our logistics, and our partners can not accommodate this service. We do however keep limited stock in our office in Sheung Wan - so we can always put together a great selection here.

No we can not. If you are ordering for an event, we suggest you order the wines for delivery the day before the event to ensure the wines are guaranteed to be there.

Our stock is held in a temperature controlled warehouse in Fan Ling.

We will replace the wine for you, no questions asked!

No we don't. Both the office and warehouse are closed over the weekend, so all orders received after Friday 3pm will be processed Monday for delivery Tuesday.

The price of a wine depends on the land price where the grapes are grown. winemaking methods, vintage, brand appeal and supply & demand, amongst other factors. Higher land cost locations, such as Napa or France, will lead to higher wine prices. Handmade wines, using traditional techniques tend to be more expensive than large bulk operations. Newer wines are less expensive than older, though wine futures can lead to great values, or loss if the vintage doesn't age well. Some brands are simply more popular and command higher prices, that sometimes are worth it and sometimes not. And finally, when there is an increasing supply of production, prices tend to drop worldwide.

We deliver Monday - Saturday, between 10.30am and 7pm. We do not deliver on Sundays or public holidays. Sai Kung receives deliveries on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Generally reds taste better after being left open to the air for an hour or more. When decanted to a wine decanter with good airation (oxygenation), the effect is best.

The basic requirements for storing wine are darkness and steady temperature. Avoid sunlight. Rising and falling temperatures causes the cork to "breathe", and will spoil the wine (turn it to vinegar) over time. Best temperatures are l3-18 dec C or 55 to 65 deg F. But most of us in HK drink wine rather quickly, in which case you can be confident that wine is a rather robust product.